Saturday, February 02, 2008

Artist Trading Cards

Making ATC's is a very individual undertaking. After being taught to make them, I began the slow process of trying to put together something appealing. Eventually, I was creating ATC's with the best of 'em! I traded and created sending envelope after envelope in the mail. It didn't take long before my mailbox was full - and then my ATC keeper was full- and then the shelves in my bookcase were getting very full. I knew I was being overrun by them. What to do?

I decided to gather all of my ATC's together and choose the ones I liked the very best. I came up with 72 cards. I bought a poster frame and make a blue background. Down the left side, I allowed myself a couple of inches and used that to display some blue buttons. I, then, tried to come up with a system to give some sort of continuity with all of the colors and subjects. At last, I finished the process. There was one glitch - isn't there always? The back would not fasten to the front of the frame. Each ATC was of varying thickness according to how many embellishments the artist used. My eldest son was visiting and I asked for a suggestion. He immediately knew what to do. He attached the front to the back using Super Glue! It worked like a charm.

One side of my living room wall had been bare for some time. Now I had just the thing to decorate that wall. Using some greenery and side mirrors, I was very pleased with my finished project. Each ATC is unique and created by all of those friends I have met along the way. Look carefully - you may see your own.


Serena said...

Great idea and very effective! I'm sure it will make a great talking point for visitors too.

Ann said...

This is such a great idea! What a wonderful keepsake too. Thanks for sharing :)

Lynn said...

Fabulous idea! And it looks great on the wall.

Linda said...

THAT is a truly great idea. What a neat piece of art -- and it is also meaningful, because it represents a lot of new "friends"!